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peer review #3

it is the last peer review of the semester, and I get to take a look at Sara Wong’s Ends Meet. I love that this website is my last peer review, because Sara was the first person I was paired up with in our first publishing class together! 

I really, really like the concept behind Sara’s blog. I think it is so cool that she has found a way to take her passion of food, and mix it with the current state of the world, as restaurants experience the impact of the pandemic. 

The first post I decided to take a look at is titled, Restaurant Review: Sushi Bar Kilala. I am a huge sushi fan, and was excited to see what she had to say.

One thing I like about what Sara stated in the review is what the restaurant is doing in the pandemic, which is take-out only. The photos are also a really nice touch, as it adds authenticity to what she is saying, as well as it helps to break up the text. 

After searching through her website more, it appears that Sara offers a lot of content to her audience. In addition to restaurant reviews, she also provides her viewer with Interviews and Product Reviews. Sara also has developed a nice writing style for each of her posts, as they each sound professional, but also allow the reader to get a glimpse of her personality. I also appreciate how she has designed her webpage, as it is easy to navigate through, and is very sleek and clean looking, 

I believe that Sara’s website holds a ton of potential when it comes to monetizing. Because she is either reviewing restaurants or products, this gives her the opportunity to earn money from various brands she is reviewing. I know that is also something to be careful of, as you want to ensure that you are always providing your audience with honest reviews, but I definitely think it is something that could help her brand gain some profit. 

All in all, I really enjoyed my time spent looking through Sara’s website. I think she has developed something that will become quite successful. I can’t wait to see where Sara takes Ends Meet, and I look forward to interacting more with her content in the future!

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