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peer review #2

For our second round of peer reviews, I was assigned Savannah Swatske’s blog.

As seen on the homepage, Savannah’s blog is focussed on lifestyle, travel, health & wellness. 

I appreciate the way in which Savannah has designed her blog. The colours that are utilized pair well with each other, and everything is organized in a way that makes sense, and is easy to navigate. I also like how her recent blog posts are available to view on the homepage. 

Savannah’s about me page provides a great introduction into who she is as a person, and what she is interested in. She also shares her aspirations/reasons for creating the blog. 

Since my own blog is focussed on health and wellness, I decided to look through some of Savannah’s blog posts that are categorized under health & wellness

Savannah’s post about her current workout split was very informative. I like when individuals share what workout routines work for them, and Savannah’s is easy to understand, and is actually attainable. I also appreciate that Savannah isn’t promoting her workout routine as something that will make you lose 10 pounds in a week, or will give you a six pack in a week, but rather as something that works for her, and makes her feel good. She encourages her viewer to find a workout structure that works for them as an individual, and one that will ultimately make them happy. My one suggestion is to complete a grammar check, as I did notice one sentence was missing a word. However, I think Savannah has developed a great writing style/structure!

Savannah provides links/navigation to her different social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest. On the left sidebar, there is a widget that encourages the viewer to check out her recent Youtube video about a day in her life.

I think using Youtube as an extension of her personal brand is a great idea. It allows Savannah’s viewers to be given a deeper look into who she is as a person, and is an entertaining way of consuming her content. I suggest that Savannah creates more videos such as daily/weekly vlogs, because I think it ties well to her blog (I know creating/editing Youtube videos can be time consuming). 

I think Savannah has done a great job in establishing a personal brand. Her website is designed in a way that reflects who she is, is organized well, and is enjoyable to look through. 

Great Job Savannah 🙂 I look forward to engaging with more of your content in the future.

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