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peer review #1

This week I was tasked with conducting my first peer review for my course, pub 201. I was assigned Keely Rammage-Scott’s website.

Keely has created a professional portfolio. When I first entered the website, I appreciated how minimalistic and simple she has formatted everything. The menu/navigation bar is easy to utilize. The homepage includes an image of Keely playing a guitar, with her mission statement. Right away, I can see what Keely’s portfolio will entail.

I proceeded to search through her website. On the About page, Keely provides a biography about herself. I think this is especially important for professional portfolios, as I can see how passionate Keely is about music, and how she has used that passion to create other projects. It also provides a brief introduction to all of the experience she has.

I then went to the Portfolio page, where there are three different sections, Music, Writing, & Events. I think it was a great idea to separate her portfolio into three sections, as it is easier to go through, and keeps things organized. Keely has a lot of content on both the Music and Writing sections, and I am excited to see what content she will include on her Events section. I especially liked the music section, as I found it to be quite engaging, as there were both audio and video elements provided for the user to listen and watch.

Keely provides users that visit her page with a Contact page, where they can submit their questions or projects. I think this is a great element, as she is allowing people to inquire directly through her website, instead of just providing an email or links to social media.

I thoroughly enjoyed Keely’s website, as well as the content she has provided as part of her portfolio. I think everything is organized well, which I appreciate, as unnecessary clutter and decoration can make things hard to read. It is evident how passionate Keely is about music, and I think the way in which she has designed her portfolio shows that. My only suggestion to Keely would be to maybe utilize some of the widgets available on WordPress if possible. One example of a widget that could work well is a media/audio player that features Keely’s music.

I look forward to viewing more of Keely’s content as she adds to her professional portfolio 🙂

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