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The Wellness Club

“To be a space that promotes the act of self-care, and focusing on one’s wellness”


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My target audience is females between the ages of 18-30, as I feel that most of the content I can create is relatable to these specific ages. However, I do think that other individuals who may not fall in this specific category, could also connect well to my brand. My website has not driven much traffic yet, as I did start it from new at the beginning of the semester, so there is not much data to provide a solid overview of my audience.

Throughout the semester, I have created a Pinterest, as well as created an Instagram page as extensions of my brand. I feel that these two platforms are the easiest for me to maintain, and find that I am able to reach my target audience through these platforms. I mentioned on my website that I will be doing a new video series called, “wellness Wednesdays” that will take place on my Instagram. Through this video series, I can collaborate with other creators in this space, as well as connect to my audience in a more personal way.

So far, I do not have a monetization strategy in place, however, I do see affiliated posts being utilized in the future. Because my posts discuss topics such as starting a morning/night routine, how to organize your time, etc., I feel that I could find a way to tie in an affiliation with a particular product or brand that connects well to my values/brand.

I feel that people should support me because I am different. So many influencers in the health and wellness space portray lives that are unattainable, that make people feel badly about themselves because they do not have it all together. I want my audience/supporters to feel that my website is a welcoming space that encourages the act of self-care. The Wellness Club creates content that is reliable, honest, and authentic.

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