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    peer review #3

    it is the last peer review of the semester, and I get to take a look at Sara Wong’s Ends Meet. I love that this website is my last peer review, because Sara was the first person I was paired up with in our first publishing class together!  I really, really like the concept behind Sara’s blog. I think it is so cool that she has found a way to take her passion of food, and mix it with the current state of the world, as restaurants experience the impact of the pandemic.  The first post I decided to take a look at is titled, Restaurant Review: Sushi Bar Kilala.…

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    peer review #2

    For our second round of peer reviews, I was assigned Savannah Swatske’s blog. As seen on the homepage, Savannah’s blog is focussed on lifestyle, travel, health & wellness.  I appreciate the way in which Savannah has designed her blog. The colours that are utilized pair well with each other, and everything is organized in a way that makes sense, and is easy to navigate. I also like how her recent blog posts are available to view on the homepage.  Savannah’s about me page provides a great introduction into who she is as a person, and what she is interested in. She also shares her aspirations/reasons for creating the blog.  Since…

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    peer review #1

    This week I was tasked with conducting my first peer review for my course, pub 201. I was assigned Keely Rammage-Scott’s website. Keely has created a professional portfolio. When I first entered the website, I appreciated how minimalistic and simple she has formatted everything. The menu/navigation bar is easy to utilize. The homepage includes an image of Keely playing a guitar, with her mission statement. Right away, I can see what Keely’s portfolio will entail. I proceeded to search through her website. On the About page, Keely provides a biography about herself. I think this is especially important for professional portfolios, as I can see how passionate Keely is about…