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    The Wellness Club “To be a space that promotes the act of self-care, and focusing on one’s wellness”   Font: Playfair Display Colours: White, muted pink, muted orange, beige My target audience is females between the ages of 18-30, as I feel that most of the content I can create is relatable to these specific ages. However, I do think that other individuals who may not fall in this specific category, could also connect well to my brand. My website has not driven much traffic yet, as I did start it from new at the beginning of the semester, so there is not much data to provide a solid overview of…

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    Vancouver BC March 2021 The Wellness Club is excited to finally announce the launch date of our new project, Wellness Wednesdays! What is Wellness Wednesdays? Wellness Wednesdays is a new video series coming to our Instagram page. This series will be discussing all things wellness and self-care. Whether it’s interviews with other creators, recipes, or routines, The Wellness Club will be posting IGTV videos to our Instagram page every Wednesday, so that you have even more content to enjoy! You can expect to start seeing Wellness Wednesdays on May 5th, 2021.  Mark it in your calendars! We can’t wait to share this new video series with you.    – The…

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    Finding my community… It can be difficult to keep up with posting content on here, when you feel like literally no one is listening. However, I understand that my website is very new, and it takes time to build things that are meaningful and authentic. It is important for me to consider how I can reach out to my targeted audience. I imagine that my audience is filled with individuals who are passionate about self-care, and focussing on wellness. I also want to reach individuals who may be thinking about starting their wellness journey, but don’t know where to start. I have been thinking about starting a monthly newsletter that…