starting simple

First, I just wanted to say how amazing it is that you have decided to cater to your own needs. We are constantly conditioned to believe that people who have crazy schedules, who overwork themselves, who don’t get enough sleep, who skip meals, are superheroes with amazing work ethics. And I am here to tell you they are not.

To be the absolute best version of yourself, you need to pay attention to, and take care of your well-being. Our emotions and actions are so dependent on how we are feeling. Therefore, it is important to concentrate on wellness.

Wellness is not just making sure you are taking care of your physical health. It is much more complex. There are seven dimensions of wellness, and paying attention to each of these elements ensures that we are experiencing a quality life.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness








This probably sounds a bit overwhelming, as making sure that you are incorporating something that influences each of these dimensions in your life can seem like a lot. However, we don’t need to drastically change the way in which we live our life to achieve optimal wellness. Starting simple is key.

When I started focussing on my wellness, the first thing I decided to add to my daily routine is an outdoor walk. While I am getting exercise, it also caters to the emotional, and spiritual dimensions of wellness.  I will also listen to a podcast occasionally while walking, which influences the intellectual dimension.

So, find something small to start with. Maybe you are going to start reading a book before bed, or maybe you will start cooking more meals throughout the week. Whatever it is, don’ t put too much pressure on yourself. The whole point of self-care, and concentrating on your wellness, is that it shouldn’t be an added stressor to your life. 

I’m so excited to begin this journey with all of you. This is a space for support, for advice, and for motivation. Let’s take care of ourselves together 🙂

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