a playlist for every mood

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I am OBSESSED with music. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, or how I am feeling, I always have my AirPods in listening to some sort of playlist on Spotify. I love that there are so many playlists, for every kind of mood. I thought that I would share my favourite playlists with you guys, because I think it is so fun to share different music with each other :). 

Here are a few of my favourite playlists for different moods/vibes 

A playlist for when you wish you were on a beach soaking up the sun

A playlist for a day spent cleaning

A playlist when you are feeling down or need a good cry

A playlist for when you can’t stop smiling cause are you just so happy

A playlist for when you need to stop procrastinating and focus

A playlist with songs to sing loudly in the car

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