a list of things that will always make me feel good

As I approach the end of my FINAL semester of university, I have become overwhelmed, stressed, and unmotivated. I am so over doing classes through Zoom, and I am so ready to be done. However, thinking about the future is a little terrifying, and it definitely has been occupying my mind lately. Because of all this stress, my body and mind are definitely feeling the repercussions. I decided that I would write out a list of things that will always make me feel good, and return to it whenever I am in need of something to cheer me up/allow me to relax. 

  1. making a latte
  2. walking my dogs
  3. some form of exercise 
  4. a really cheesy rom-com movie
  5. cooking a new recipe
  6. time by the ocean
  7. catching up with friends and family
  8. the TV show Friends (literally any episode)
  9. a face mask 
  10. having freshly washed sheets when I go to bed
  11. stretching
  12. any activity in the sunshine
  13. game night with my family
  14. a warm bath 
  15. doing a puzzle 
  16. looking at houses for sale (that I could never afford LOL)
  17. creating a new playlist on Spotify
  18. going for a drive through a neighbourhood I have never been to 
  19. take-out food and a movie or TV show
  20. re-organizing my closet
  21. a picnic with yummy food
  22. giving myself a manicure/pedicure
  23. reading before bed
  24. making fancy water with cucumber/mint/fruit
  25. watching a sunset

I am going to continuously add to this list as I find other things that make me feel good. I encourage you to write out a list of things that will make YOU feel good, and go back to it whenever you need to smile or feel a bit of happiness! We all experience bad days, stress, etc., and it is important that we have things we can do to cheer us up, and keep us motivated 🙂

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