5 accounts I love right now

I thought I would share some of the Instagram accounts that I have enjoyed adding to my feed. These accounts keep me motivated, inspired, and feeling good about myself 🙂 

Sami Clarke is a fitness/wellness influencer that I follow on both Instagram and YouTube. Basically, she is the reason I was able to create a workout routine that works for me. I have always struggled with being consistent with my exercise routines, and Sami Clarke’s content is extremely motivating, and attainable. Many of Sami’s videos are no longer than 30 minutes, which allows me to get a quick workout done before class in the morning. I also appreciate that she does not state that her workouts will make you lose a bunch of weight in a week, but that it is a process that you must be consistent with. I find so many influencers on social media promote unhealthy lifestyles, which is why I appreciate Sami Clarke’s content, as it appears authentic and truthful.

Katelynn Nolan is someone that I found on TikTok. Katelynn is super passionate about being real on social media, and encourages individuals to take care of themselves, in order to be their best self. Katelynn shares workouts, recipes, and advice for people who are starting their fitness/wellness journeys. One thing that I really appreciate about her content, is that she makes sure that her followers are aware that what we see on social media is highlight reels, and that we are allowed to have off days. Social media can be a really intimidating place when you start to focus on fitness/nutrition/wellness, and Katelynn Nolan’s content is both refreshing and inspiring.

I recently found this brand, and have quickly become obsessed. I absolutely LOVE leisurewear, and I love that this clothing brand is local to Vancouver. My favourite thing about this brand/their social media, is that they promote to their following/customer base that it is ok to rest, and that it is ok to be sensitive and feel things. As someone that deals with anxiety, and who constantly feels guilty when I take a break (still working on this), I really identify with this brand and what they embody. Their second collection comes out March 15th, and I could not be more excited to purchase from a company that promotes such a meaningful message. 

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Through the pandemic, I have fallen in love with cooking and baking. Whether it’s creating my own recipes, or finding recipes on Pinterest or Instagram, I find such joy and relaxation when I am creating something. Ida Huang is a plant-based blogger that share recipes and other lifestyle content. I have found such delicious recipes on Ida’s Instagram, such as smoothie recipes, and pasta recipes. What I love about her content, is that her recipes are easy to follow, and the pictures that are posted with the recipes literally make your mouth water. I have found it really difficult to find recipes that are vegan, but are also easy to make, and Ida has fulfilled that need for me. 

Lastly, one of my favourite accounts to follow is @shityoushouldcare about. This account on Instagram shares information that is pertinent for individuals to know and understand. They have found a way to deliver news to younger generations through graphics and posts that are easily digestible, and aesthetic. It is so important to stay informed about what goes on in the world, however, the news can be a really hard thing to watch some days, as much of what is being reported on is negative and bad. @shityoushouldcareabout shares a balanced mix of both negative and positive news, while also sharing information that isn’t as promoted in the mainstream media.

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