1 nice thing a day

I recently started following Tara Schuster, who wrote one of my absolute favorite books, Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies, (this book will be discussed in an upcoming post). She posted a challenge on Instagram that instantly had me hooked. I find that so many Instagram challenges are incredibly unattainable (do 100 squats every single day? no thanks), and this challenge by Schuster is something you will actually want to do. 

This challenge asks you to do 1 nice thing a day for yourself in February. Now, you don’t need to go and buy yourself a new outfit, or get a manicure, it could be something as simple as vacuuming your room. All this challenge asks is that you show yourself some love and respect every single day for the month of February (and hopefully it is something you can continue doing).  

It’s so easy to neglect our own needs. There is always something to do, someone to see, and something to get done. This challenge gives us the opportunity to reward ourselves with something that will make us feel good!

So, I thought I would document this challenge for you guys, as a way to encourage you to cater to your wellbeing, and to show you that focussing on self-care doesn’t have to be stressful. 

February 1st: washed my bedding 

February 2nd: started the television show Ted Lasso (it’s so good so far)

February 3rd: allowed myself to sleep in an extra 30-min

February 4th: watched my fav rom-com, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

February 5th: cleaned my bathroom

February 6th: did a deep stretch because I was sore 

February 7th: made buffalo cauliflower bites because I was craving them all weekend

February 8th: did an extra long walk to enjoy the sun

February 9th: made a new recipe for lunch

February 10th: vacuumed my room

February 11th: had a bath after a cold walk

February 12th: ordered food 

February 13th: walked the seawall

February 14th: cooked a new recipe

February 15th: got a good workout in

February 16th: made a latte for my morning coffee

February 17th: drank a lot of water

February 18th: stretched 

February 19th: binged a new show on Netflix about the Cecil hotel

February 20th: got rid of clutter on my computer

February 21st: made some soy candles

February 22nd: lit one of the new candles I made 🙂

February 23rd: tried baked oats for breakfast

February 24th: started creating a new playlist

February 25th: facetimed a friend

February 26th: woke up early to take a walk before online class

February 27th: made pancakes

February 28th: finished my homework early so I could watch a movie


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