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hi, my name is Cailey, welcome to the wellness club 🙂

my story

I created this space to transform the narrative about self-care. We live in a world that glorifies busyness, overworking, not sleeping enough, etc. I conformed to this way of thinking for a long period of my life. I felt guilty when I spent my days off watching TV, or if I got a good night of sleep when a friend in one of my classes stayed up all night finishing a paper. This way of thinking has led to many burnouts, and has damaged my mental health. We don’t pay enough attention to our well-being, because we are taught that focussing on yourself is selfish, and shouldn’t be a priority in comparison to the other tasks you have on your plate. 

The Wellness Club was created to dispute this capitalist mindset. I want to encourage individuals to pay attention to their well-being, and focus on wellness. I want to educate individuals about wellness, and the many different things you can do to cater to your well-being. It is important that people understand that you don’t need to buy expensive things to be healthy. 

It is crucial that this space becomes a platform that individuals utilize for inspiration, motivation, as well as a place to find a community of like-minded people. I want people to understand how easy it is to focus on your wellness, and how good it feels when you put yourself first. 

mission statement

To be a space that promotes the act of self-care, and focusing on one’s wellness.